Social Media

Customers expect to be able to connect with businesses on social media. It’s a rapidly changing platform where conversations happen in real time between users all over the world. Having an active social media account can help you respond to customer queries, reach new audiences and build confidence in your brand. And if your customers are using social media then you should be too.

But if you’re new to social media it can feel daunting at first. My comprehensive social media support services can provide help whatever your level of experience with social media.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & More...

There are so many social media channels out there and they all work differently and appeal to different audiences. Maintaining an active social media account takes time and so it’s important to focus your efforts where they’ll have the biggest impact.

By getting to know you and your business I can recommend the social media channels that will work best for you. I’m an experienced user of all major social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more.

Training - Getting you Started

Navigating your way around a new social media platform can be challenging. Or perhaps you already have an account but now want to start creating your own content and posting for the first time.

With online training I can walk you through the different elements of a social media channel, explaining features like your profile, timeline or newsfeed, how to connect with other users, post content and use features like hashtags and links.

Or if you’re based in and around the Haute-Vienne region in France I’m happy to provide training in person.

Account Management

Managing and maintaining social media accounts takes time. To get the most out of social media you need to be posting content regularly and interacting with other user accounts.

For many small businesses, this can be a difficult thing to fit into an already packed schedule. If you’re too busy or don’t feel confident enough to be using social media yourself then I can manage your social media accounts on your behalf.

That way you get a regularly updated social media account and an experienced marketer responding to any messages and interacting with other users without the worry of creating content and learning a new technology yourself.

Social Media Campaigns

Sometimes you want to get a message out to your customers in a new way or to reach out to new audiences. Perhaps you have a new product, premises or good news story that you want to share with the world.

A social media campaign is a great way to do this and can work across a range of social media channels. I can help plan and manage your campaign, creating content and can even link this to a new campaign page on your website.

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Whatever you’re looking to do with your social media, from getting started to running a multi-channel marketing campaign I can help. Contact me to find out more.