Communicating clearly, concisely and in an interesting way is at the heart of all good writing. As an experienced copywriter, I understand the challenges of writing effectively for different audiences and how to use language, tone and style to appeal to a reader.

I can write for any purpose and format including; web copy, blog posts, social media content, newsletters, leaflets, brochures, letters, formal reports, news articles & communications, bid & funding proposals, adverts and much more.

Writing for the Web

So many well-designed websites are let down by their written content. Writing copy for a website is a specific skill and it helps to understand how people and search engines navigate and index websites.

Your written copy needs to work for all users, whichever page of your website they land on. But it also needs to work for the search engines like Google that rank and index websites. I write web copy that not only appeals to readers but also uses keywords, search terms and headings that can help search engines find your website and return it in search listings. This approach of writing in a way that appeals to search engines is known as search engine optimisation or SEO.

Blogging & Online News

Blog posts and web news articles are a specific type of web content. They’re a more informal way of connecting with an audience and are designed to provide information or share updates.

Blog posts and news stories are a great way of keeping your website current through regular updates and can help make your content more discoverable by search engines. I can write frequent, well-researched blog posts or news articles in a conversational tone on a wide range of topics.

Writing for Print

If you’re planning on producing a new leaflet, brochure, poster or other printed document then it’s a good idea to hire a copywriter. There’s nothing worse than paying for a big print run of leaflets and then spotting a spelling mistake or typo too late.

These written communications are often the first impression a customer has of your business and you want them to be impressed. I can work with your designer (or even help with design work myself) to ensure all your printed documents have engaging copy that helps to showcase your business.

Know Your Audience

When writing copy I get to know your business so I can write in a way that reflects your work and appeals to your customers. I can write copy that is educational, informative, formal, informal, humorous, corporate, persuasive or sales-oriented.

I can also write in a consistent voice and style across all your communications, giving your written content a professional appearance that your readers or customers will recognise.

An Experienced Copywriter

Copywriting in French

Although based in the Haute-Vienne in France I only write copy in English. However, I am happy to work with any translation service you use to write the copy in English and then send to them for translation.

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