Hawksmoor Investment Management

Hawksmoor specialise in providing high quality discretionary management services for Private Investors (and clients of Professional Advisers) including trusts, pension schemes and charities.

This project involved building a replacement website for Hawksmoor Investment Management to replace three existing websites and to present targeted content to two audiences – private investors and professional advisors. Although access to the content wasn’t restricted for security reasons visitors to the site have to accept the sites terms and conditions to be able to access information for professional advisors.

I was the sole developer on the project and was involved at every stage of the development lifecycle – from helping with the initial specification and estimate to build, testing and launch.

Employed By: AB Multimedia Ltd.
Sector: Investment Management
Project: Website

WordPress CLI
Themes / Plugins
Carbon Fields
Bootstrap 4
Digital Ocean
Hawksmoor Investment Management

The site was developed using a bespoke WordPress platform and was built from designs provided by AB’s in-house design team.

As well as the site build each site is thoroughly ‘snagged’ and tested across multiple platforms, browsers and devices to make sure it is fully responsive. I also built the development and live environments and was a key part of setting up Cloudflare and DNS records.


As the project was intended to replace three existing websites it was extremely important that the site maintained it’s SEO ranking and that appropriate 301 redirects were in place. This posed a challenge and involved a combination of CNAMES, A records, server configuration and 301 redirects to ensure that all domains redirected accordingly.

Another challenge of this project was finding a way to present similar content to two distinct audiences as well as creating a gateway into professional content. It was clear that avoiding user registration/login was key so I had to find a way of making the user acknowledge their access to certain content without this becoming intrusive on the user experience. This was achieved using a cookie driven modal dialog and making sure the user read the appropriate disclaimer before proceeding.

I enjoyed the challenges that this project presented and finding new ways of redirecting users to the right content. It was fun to build and represents the company’s content in a visually appealing way that’s easy to navigate.