Criminal Bar Association

The Criminal Bar Association exists to represent the views and interests of the practising members of the Criminal Bar in England and Wales.

This project involved the rebuild of an existing website that provided information, resources and training materials to members of the Criminal Bar in England and Wales.

Through the website members are able to purchase resources, video sets and book onto upcoming events – which contribute to their Continued Professional Development (CPD) and accreditation. This is supported by an online shop using WooCommerce and integrates with the SagePay payment gateway.

During this project I worked in conjunction with Tim Poole focusing mainly on events, user area, CPD records and WooCommerce integration. 

Employed By: AB Multimedia Ltd.
Sector: Law
Project: Wesbsite / E-commerce

WordPress CLI
Themes / Plugins
Advanced Custom Fields
Bootstrap 4
Social Media
Digital Ocean
Fabric / Python
The Criminal Bar Association

As this project was a re-build of an existing site it was vital that the existing data and purchase history was migrated and mapped onto the new platform. This involved writing bespoke migration scripts to process thousands of records and to map previous purchases onto new WooCommerce products and orders.


This was an extremely successful project and as a joint collaboration between Tim and I went extremely smoothly. This was the first project to implement our new Master/Child WordPress setup and allowed us to streamline  the build allowing us to focus due care and attention on the data migration. 

We were able to build an aesthetically pleasing website that presents information in a clear and concise way and allows members to access restricted resources and make purchases. It was a challenge to ensure the data migration went smoothly and to translate one system to another and it was fun integrating an online shop and user area as well as tracking CPD points as part of the process. 

Whilst integrating with third party APIs and payment gateways has its difficulties I was able to do this whilst learning new skills which I’ve been able to apply to future projects.