Cofton Holidays

Cofton Holidays is a family run business that has been established for over forty years and is an award-winning Holiday Park nestled in glorious rolling Devonshire countryside. 

This project involved the complete rebrand of Cofton Holidays as well as a new visual identity and brand guidelines. This was a large scale project that spanned multiple teams with AB Multimedia Ltd.

My involvement with the project was as sole developer for the company’s new website. The website has a complex  structure as well as dynamic content such as news and events and had to present the company’s accommodation and facilities in a media rich and engaging manner.

Employed By: AB Multimedia Ltd.
Sector: Leisure & Tourism
Project: Branding / Wesbsite

WordPress CLI
Themes / Plugins
Advanced Custom Fields
Bootstrap 4
Social Media
Fabric / Python
Cofton Holidays

The site was designed by https://hannahstephenscreative.com/ for AB Multimedia Ltd and uses a striking, colourful palette to grab the audiences attention.

I built the site using a bespoke WordPress platform with modular sections that could be dropped in throughout the site such as ‘What’s On’, ‘Latest News’ and ‘Offers’. This helped speed up the development of what would have been an extremely complex build otherwise. The site was tested cross platform and on multiple browsers and helps present a lot of information in an easy to navigate way.

The site was intended to provide individuals with information about accommodation and facilities and was never meant to fully integrate with the clients booking system – however we were able to provide jump-off points to the booking system as a well as live chat integration to assist in the booking process.


As a site with a lot to say and a lot of content, images, video, etc. it’s always a challenge to display the content in an engaging, visually appealing way without overloading individuals. I think this site was able to strike the balance between form and function and used familiar layout and styles to put the end user at ease.

The site uses bold colours and fonts effectively and for such a large scale build it was successful without too many challenges. Once the site is fully integrated with its booking system it will provide a valuable resource to its customers.