Cardiff University

Systems Support/Developer Analyst (2005 - 2014)

We are an ambitious and innovative university with a bold and strategic vision located in a beautiful and thriving capital city. Our world-leading research was ranked 5th amongst UK universities in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework for quality and 2nd for impact.

We provide an educationally outstanding experience for our students.

After graduating from Aberystwyth University I was the successful applicant for a role at Cardiff University where I worked on a project called WISHES which involved building collaborative tools using Java/PHP. 

When this project completed I was offered a role as a member of the broader development team and over the course of my 10 years of employment with Cardiff University I’ve worked on numerous projects ranging from mobile application development to WordPress Multi-site stacks hosting hundreds of blogs.

Sector: Higher Education / University
Project: Development

IBM Websphere
WordPress MU
Themes / Plugins
RedHat Linux
Agile / Scrum
Content Strategy
Cardiff University

Key Projects

During my time at Cardiff University I worked on numerous projects both as a developer and as a content strategist. Some of the key projects I was involved in include.

Web Transformation Project

(September 2011 – May 2015)

The Web Transformation Project was established to improve the university’s web presence by:

  • Reducing duplication and improving the consistency of information online.
  • Distinguishing between internal and external content.
  • Allowing content providers to easily manage their online content.
  • Providing capacity to easily publish content in the medium of Welsh.

Throughout the project I’ve been a key member of the strategic and development team, informing the direction, architecture and implementation of core services. This included the evaluation and procurement of our corporate CMS (Squiz Matrix) and building a Multisite WordPress stack to support the numerous schools, divisions and research groups within the university.

Informing and directing major decisions regarding visual identity, brand & user experience and the use of agile development and iterative design I have played a fundamental part in the delivery of a revitalised web presence for the university that meets the needs of students, staff and key stakeholders.

Modern Working Environment

(September 2007 – September 2011)

The University’s Modern IT Working Environment (MWE) offered a personalised information technology service to staff and students. Over 30,000 university users, both on and off campus, now benefit from being able to access targeted information resources and networking tools.

Working with project partners IBM and third party consultants I developed a content strategy to deliver targeted, personalised content based on a user’s role within the university and oversaw the local implementation of IBMs web content management platform (WCM).

StorC – Online Storage Calculator

(February 2011 – October 2011)

I was the sole developer on the StorC project, which delivered an online, interactive modelling tool using JQuery, JSON and MySQL allowing IT managers, engineers and decision makers to calculate the energy and financial savings they could derive from introducing tiered storage technology.

Funded by Jisc the project required me to meet with stakeholders and report the project’s progress both internally and at conferences as part of the projects’ dissemination.

Wales Virtual Institute of Sport Health & Exercise Sciences (WISHES)

(September 2005 - September 2007)

As sole developer I created a series of online tools and applications based around research profiles and discussion forums to aid collaboration and research within the industry.